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City Form

in Winter

Boston, MA 

black & white photography



This photo series captures the mercurial form of the cityscape during an urban winter using human, built and natural elements. Primarily focusing on people within the built environment, the black and white photographs weave people into this environment. Framing people as a thread in the fabric of their environment. People can now be viewed as active participants in their communities which is important to the overarching theme that nature, infrastructure, and people comprise the form of a city. These people determine the form of the city, diverting from the traditional view that the form a city is entirely determined by the physical infrastructure. With this, the quality of an area isn’t just determined by shiny new buildings, but the overall health and wellness of the people within these communities.


All of these photos were taken in public areas throughout Boston including Allston, Cambridge, and Chinatown. I took all of these photos in true street stalking fashion. Hiding in the shadows anticipating these amazing moments. 

Click on any of the photos for a backstory.

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