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Made it to

Underground Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia
digital photography
Sony a6000


Atlanta is a city known to many for it's rugged, scrappy artistry. Making magic out of seemingly very little. Historically, groups from this city have found a way to thrive in the concrete jungle and bloom into national, and international acts. During my trip to Atlanta during May 2022, I was thankfully reminded of the rugged artistry this city had to show. And not just in music, but many art mediums. Atlanta has so many hidden gems and the entrepreneurial spirit of artist here serves as inspiration to my practice. Atlanta reminded me that art doesn't have a gatekeeper. Anyone and everyone can be an artist regardless of their medium, expression, or means. 

The artist featured here are all amazing: LIGHTER FLUID, Caughy, and Naomi.wav. Give them all a listen.

Click on any of the photos for a backstory.

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