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Dandelions are Flowers (2)

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
36" X 48"


Reflecting on the Zen Buddhist philosophy that dictates delineation between good and bad, flowers and weeds in this case, is a futile, egocentric effort, this painting seeks to find acceptance where it hurts most. By attempting to accept things as they are rather than what we desire them to be, this painting encourages us to remain present and accepting of undesirable situations. It achieves this by creating a warm, improvisational painting that is reminiscent of the weed-filled fields of my youth. The combination of dark and light green; white; and yellow mixed together lends to this affect. The splotches and blending of these vibrant colors are reminiscent of dandelions that are so common in American yards. 

part of the negroes nature nurture series 

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