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Miro Imani Release Party

San Diego, CA 
digital photography


On a pleasant Friday evening in Lemon Grove, CA (just outside of San Diego), an amazing thing was happening. A spectacle like no other in fact, it was the Miro Imani release party for his newest EP "Daytime" . This photo series captures the memorable release that included unique artists, a crowd equally distinctive, and the vibes these two groups were able to create in a suburban neighborhood backyard. Moreover, it wasn't a flashy venue, or gimmicky posters that made this event special, it was the typical expression of atypical artist in a space echoed their voice the farthest. Events such as these serve to remind us that unabated artistic expression is noticed and heard by our souls. 


All of these photos were taken at the Miro Imani Release Party in Lemon Grove, CA. Check his music out! 

Click on any of the photos for a backstory.

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